Anxiety as Apathy

Anxiety is physically and emotionally draining. Every day is a challenge and sometimes we hit a wall. When this happens our anxiety may present itself as apathy. Apathy is so difficult to describe… the emotion of being completely emotionless… the feeling of not feeling anything. Often we stay in this haze for many hours/ days/ weeks/ months. For me, it’s such a bad place to be because I know that severe depression symptoms may soon follow. Getting out of this place takes so much effort. My therapy typically gets more intensive and I try to be patient and kind to myself. Each the week I make small lists of things I need to accomplish and challenge myself to do the best I can. Once we recognize our apathy, we can’t sit with it and give in to it. We need to immediately force ourselves to take action. During times like these, it’s crucial to be especially mindful of negative thoughts and to medicate with intention. Bright, uplifting sativas will energize and help with focus. Some great strains are Sage ‘n Sour, Jack Herer, Jenny Kush, and Bruce Banner. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to recognize our symptoms— we are not our apathy. In time, our creativity comes back, our warmth returns and our smiles become more genuine.