Our Unique Cannabis Tolerance

Cannabis has very different effects on each of us. Some of us have a naturally (or acquired) high tolerance. Then there are people like my husband. He can’t use cannabis— he is extremely sensitive to it. Finally, there are people who can only tolerate so much. For the last two groups, cannabis sometimes induces extreme anxiety and panic attacks. This is the result of over-medicating. Your body simply cannot handle the amount of THC in your system. 
If you over-medicate and you’re experiencing extreme anxiety or a panic attack, the first thing to do is identify that anxiety, and tell yourself that it is a result of over-medicating, and the effects won’t last forever. If you’re in public, take a break and if you need to, isolate yourself for a few minutes. Take deep breaths and focus on creating a rhythmic pattern (breathe in for in 5 sec/ exhale for 5 sec). If you happen to have CBD, take that and it’ll relax you fast. A hot shower will distract you from your anxiety, also alleviating it fast because you naturally shift your focus to the physical sensations. Eating also helps for this same reason. You can also put on a playlist that is soothing to you (we all have them). If nothing works, go to sleep. A few ways to prevent this extreme anxiety is by medicating in smaller doses. This gives your body time to take in the THC, and you have more control over the intensity of the effects. Medicate in familiar spaces where you naturally feel safe. If you medicate with a group, do it with people with whom you’re also naturally at ease. Stick with more sedating indica strains like Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Grape Ape, Grandaddy Purple. You can also use low THC and higher CBD strains like Harlequin, Violet OG, Northern Lights, and AC/DC.