Cannabis has different effects on us, and our bodies all react differently. Chernobyl is a very popular, high-rated strain, but she and I don’t get along. It’s a sativa- hybrid. That means it has both uplifting and sedating effects, but leans toward uplifting. Chernobyl has great benefits— it put me in a good mood and I was productive and focused on work. The effects are also relaxing and euphoric. I’d recommend it for stress, brain fog, focus, and fatigue. I also experienced a few negatives that assures me this strain is not for me. First, while the effects are great, they are very short-lived. That may be a tolerance thing, but I it’s worth mentioning bc it happens every time I used this strain. Next, there was absolutely no muscle relaxation or pain relief. As the effects wear off, a headache/ migraine begins. I think that was the first time this has happened to me with cannabis. While the initial effects were great, Chernobyl is not for me. Every reaction happens again with a different batches bc I typically give a strain a few chances before I cross it off my list. It was a no for me every time. But this doesn’t mean this strain isn’t for you. Again, we all react differently to strains, and my body just happens to not like this one.