Chocolope from Chronic Pain and Brain Fog

Over the last few mornings, I’ve been medicating with a new-to-me strain, Chocolope. It’s a sativa, so it has energizing effects. The first thing I noticed is that it smells amazing.
When grinding it the smell actually hints at chocolate. I was really surprised, it instantly reminded me tootsie rolls. Chocolope is great for mornings. It gives me light rolling body high that creeps up slowly and very pleasantly. I don’t even realize at what point my muscles begin to relax. It also gives me a lot of focus and creativity. I recommend Chocolope for depression symptoms, stress, brain fog, and body pain. I’m definitely adding it to my list of favorite high-focus, creative strains  next to Durban Poison, Sage ‘n Sour, and B-witched. This one is very potent, so as always, take it slow if you have low tolerance or are sensitive to THC.