Ghost Cookies

I’m always excited to find amazing nighttime strains, especially because I use so many sativa/sativa hybrids since I’ve been able to medicate throughout the day. One of my budtender friends recommend Ghost Cookies, and I love it. It’s a hybrid that has a very happy and uplifting effect, which comes from its sativa properties. It’s also relaxing and euphoric. It’s potent and a perfect blend of indica/sativa. It gave me absolutely no focus nor the will to be productive, but I was in a mellow and happy mood. GC’s effects begin at the core and radiate throughout the body. There’s also a slight warming effect that relaxes my stiff muscles. The effects are long-lasting, and as they slowly go away I get sleepy. I recommend GC for stress, anxiety, depression symptoms, pain, and insomnia. This is definitely the go-to after a long and taxing day.