Don't Give Up Control

Those of us with anxiety are extremely hard on ourselves. We inadvertently give up our control to that anxiety and just go along for the ride of negativity. Then, our imposter syndrome gets the best of us because we start to believe the thoughts. As a result of that imposter syndrome, we sometimes self-sabotage by trying to over-compensate for what we BELIEVE is lacking. Then, we’re even more upset that we can’t meet those impossible expectations that we have set for ourselves. 🌿 This is how anxiety controls us. We get into this cycle— sometimes with tunnel vision, and it’s very difficult to get out. It’s so important to catch that initial negative thought or worst-case scenario scene that pops into your head. When it does, stop for just a brief second. That’s all it may take to identify it as anxiety, not a fact-based thought. When you do this, it stops you in your tracks just enough to assess whether your emotional reaction is warranted. The more we do this (or even attempt to), the more frequently we begin to win these battles. 🌿 Prioritize yourself instead of stretching yourself thin, and know that you are enough.