Loneliness and Chronic Illness
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Being chronically and mentally ill can be very lonely. After my first few chronic illness diagnoses, I quickly lost people close to me. They simply weren’t understanding of my need to put my health first. Because unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for me to cancel or reschedule plans at the last minute due to lupus/ fibro flares. 
But through lots of work, I’ve grown to peacefully accept that not everyone will stay. Sure, it hurts and we mourn the loss of relationships— sometimes for a long time. But remember— everyone has a story and you’re not always going to end up in it. When someone makes the choice to remove themselves from your life (we’ve all done this at some point), they do it for themselves, they aren’t doing it for you. So it’s not personal. It takes work, but try to remember that and you can begin to heal from that loss.