October Challenge

Last year around this time, my anxiety was probably the highest its ever been. My depression was at its worst, and my therapy was intensive. I struggled so much that my therapist challenged me to, at the end of each night, identify one good thing about my day. It was difficult to find one for a long time. 
But then, the more I worked on my healing, the easier it became to identify one. Also, as time went on, my good thing became more meaningful to me, no matter how small. I still have days where I struggle a bit to find it, but I have more positive days than bad, and now I have days where it’s hard to choose between several good things.

I challenge you to do this same exercise starting this October 1st. At the end of each day, sit with yourself and try to identify one good thing about your day. Do it in a quiet place with minimal distractions, take a few minutes to relax, and medicate if you want. Stay consistent— and as you continue to work on your healing, pay attention to the way your one good thing evolves over time.