Parental Guilt Over Using Cannabis

Parental Guilt Over Using Cannabis

Parental guilt over medicating in your home is something that I’ve never understood. Why do parents— especially moms— feel guilty about medicating when we have kids? Because of the stigma. So ask yourself… is it really guilt? Or it is it fear of judgement? Answer honestly. It’s super important to make the distinction, because this is the only way to evolve. 
Why are wine and coffee consumed? For the effects and taste— and both are celebrated and encouraged. (Coffee shops, wine bars, coffee farms, vineyards, etc.) They’re both natural, there are many different types of each and different ways to consume both. They both go through processes to achieve different flavors, effects etc. Both of the above are consumed in front of children all the time, strictly for their effects, not even as medication. So why would you feel guilty lighting up a plant completely in private out of your kid’s view?

Stepping away from a supervised child to medicate responsibly is not a big deal. It’s no different than stepping away when you need time to yourself, or for a shower, to cook, run errands, go have brunch, Dr appointments, etc. Most those things take longer than medicating anyway. If stepping away from your child is not an option, smoking isn’t the only way to medicate. There are tinctures, topicals, edibles. There are also vape pens (no setup, no smoke, quick and easy), capsules, and so on. 
Really stop and think about all those parallels between coffee, wine, and cannabis. There are A LOT of them. And given those parallels, is what you’re feeling really guilt? Or fear? When we free ourselves and medicate without fear in our own homes, we’re also naturally more open to talking to our kids and educating them about cannabis. And education is crucial. Normalizing cannabis in our own homes IS breaking the stigma. It’s the first step, the most important one. You aren’t a bad parent just because you use cannabis or medicate in private, in your own home that you share with your children. Period.