Review: The Gorgon

I had an unexpectedly stressful morning, so I decided to medicate with a heavy indica. I chose The Gorgon because of its very potent and the effects come on quickly. It begins with a warming feeling in your chest/ torso, and then begins extending in waves to the rest of your body. Before I knew it, the tense muscles around my neck and shoulders had completely relaxed. The body sedation is pretty heavy, and the head high is euphoric, but I didn’t lose too much focus and I was still able to get work done. That’s especially great in a strain as body-heavy as this one. It does makes me feel pressure behind my eyes and around my head, but it’s not uncomfortable. I recommend The Gorgon for pain, stress, anxiety symptoms, depression symptoms, lack of appetite, and insomnia. This is is one of the most enjoyable strains I’ve had. It’s easily a favorite.